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You Need to Know the Reason Why Is Handmade Important in the World

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Rolls-Royce Dawn is a handmade convertible brand that is worth a possession.

There is a sense of prestige to own a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Using solid shampoo bars by Lush is an indulgence.

Did you realize what is common to the brands mentioned above apart from the luxury tag?

Yes, they are all works of handcrafted art.


Since you are reading this post. I am sure some element in you inspires from the hand created craft. 

No matter whether that is true or not. You must read further to know why handmade is important.


23 Reasons You Need to Know Why Is Handmade Important in the World

why is handmade important
Why is Handmade Important


     1.     It Is Unique

This is one of the major reasons why handcrafted items are popular worldwide.

They stand out in comparison to the ones that are produced the industrial way. 

Since each product is an outcome of a single human being. Thus, no two products are similar even when made by the same person.

The appeal of exclusivity and being unique is handmade.


     2.     Products are Custom Made

Did you ever walk into a mall and ask for a bag in the exact color as your cocktail dress?

Or did you get that cocktail dress tailor-made as per your height and body measurements?

I am sure NO. Because that is not how business in the malls happens.

Most of the established brands come with their standard sizes. It is then the task of the customer to get them altered.

But in the hand-crafted world, customization is the underlined rule.


     3.     It Is Personal

why is handmade important ~ beauty salon clock
Handmade Clock

The uniqueness and customization of handmade bring in the made only-for-you appeal.

For instance, you could have a need to gift a friend of yours who has started their beauty salon. You could buy them a flower vase from the nearest Target.

But rather if you gift them a wall clock like this one above. Then, the scenario of giving and receiving handcrafted gifts becomes fun and memorable.

     4.     It Signifies Care and Concern

As you can see in the product example above. Hand-crafted creations are not run-of-the-mill products.

The intention of making handcrafted products revolves around the concerns of its customers.

Made by hand wooden toys are another example of care and concern. They are safer vis-a-vis plastic toys. Unlike plastic toys, they do not lead to toxicity when chewed.


     5.     Handcrafted Stuff Lasts Long

Most of the craftsmen put in their heart and soul into making each of their pieces. From the selection of finest raw materials to the final packaging elements. They put in attention to every detail and aspect of the handmade creations.

Also, customers who value handmade treat it with respect. That is why watch brands like Patek Philippe pass on to generations in a family.

The contribution of both creators and purchasers gives the hand-crafted products longevity.


     6.     They Lead to Branding

The hand-created products are not created in huge multiples. That is how they remain unique and exclusive for their patrons.

Due to their small niche, handmade labels score high on branding.

The ones who adorn such labels stand out in the crowd. Hand-crafted products are a sure shot means to brand yourself from the several me-too ones.


     7.     Handmade Business Has a Better Customer Care Experience

Due to the small size of the handmade enterprises. They are well receptive to their customer queries and post-purchase concerns.

This is different from the customer service of big brands. Bigger brands operate on a hierarchical system. This may hinder them from giving individual attention to every customer query. Moreover, they may handle requests as per the purchase amount. Thus, the post-purchase issues of smaller items may take longer to resolve.

But with handmade items, all the queries get equal attention.


     8.     Hand Created Products Introduce You to Different Cultures

Dealing with hand-created products has widened my horizon and knowledge of different cultures.

Apart from the traditional art from the various regions of my country.

Now I also know about Lariat necklaces, African Zulu baskets, and the various pop culture art.

Owning a hand-crafted item is like traveling. It lets you borrow a new tradition and custom.


     9.     Made-by-Hand Products are Conversation Starters



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Most of the times souvenirs take the form of fridge magnets. They are remarkable to mark your travel memories.

Handmade products are good as conversation starters. I cannot stop myself from inquiring about the origin of beautiful handcrafted work. Likewise, people ask me questions about the beautiful embroidery art that I own.

Anyone who owns a handmade product will remember how, why and where did they purchase it. Those heartfelt connections are unique and characteristic of the handmade community.


     10.     It Brings Happiness

Art brings happiness to its creators, buyers and even to those who receive them as gifts.

The ones who value craftsmanship take pride in owning their products. The joy of creativity transfers to the ones who buy and own the finished artwork.

No wonder no one complaints about the made-to-order custom created products.


     11.     It Gives Self-Employment

Anyone can start a business selling their own made-by-hand creations. If you have the skills to create unique arts/crafts. Then, you can start selling your artwork for self-employment.

Starting a handmade business is fulfilling. Not only it provides money, but also the satisfaction of doing what you love.


     12.     Hand Created Contributes to a Healthy Economy

Many crafts are indigenous. Being location specific, they trickle down the magic of skilled craftsmanship from generations.

Hence, the folk art of every place is unique. Because of this reason, most of it contributes to export. The marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon Handmade further help in promotions.

Though in current times even a simple blog by a crafter can open new doors to their business.


     13.     It Recycles Waste

Have you seen vintage art made from forks? Or made from soda cans or bottle crowns?

why is handmade important ~ recycled soda can art
See More

Well, recycled art exists and it is beautiful.

Art made through recycling reduces the waste from ending up at landfills. Thus, recycled art gives you the attention and also saves the planet.


     14.     Contribution to Environmental Waste

As you can notice most of the handcrafted items are of natural materials. Wood, clay, and natural fibers are common elements that form artisan products.

Also, used plastic, tin and glass serve as ingredients for creating such projects.

Hand-crafted art uses nature-friendly raw materials and it also puts plastic to good use. Hence, it contributes to nature by minimizing waste.

The environmental disadvantages of machine-made products score them poorer vis-a-vis handmade ones.


     15.     Hand Crafted Art Gives an Option for a Second Career

I know a few artists who made arts and crafts their second career. Most of them left their corporate careers to concentrate on creative side hustles.

Crafting is a skill which you can pick up on the job. Moreover, due to online education, you also have the option to add to your repertoire.

On my website, I showcase the work of an artist who was once a Scientist. Though now she crafts beautiful jewelry inspired by molecules. Her crafting journey is proof that you can also turn your crafting hobby into a rewarding career.


     16.     As a Business, it Is Easier and Economical to Start and Operate 

If you are good with your crafting skills. Then, you can start a craft business with minimal investment.

You can start off with a small chunk of raw materials for your initial sales. From there you can build up your handmade products list.

Most of the handmade enterprises start small from home. But with time, they branch out to bigger brands.  


     17.     ROI of Handmade Is High

Handmade business does not involve investment in large scale machinery. You can start with a small investment in basic tools and raw materials.

Furthermore, due to the nature of the business. The investment in manpower is minimal too. Though the major investment remains time and skills.

Moreover, since handmade products are niche ones selling one kind of a product. Therefore, scaling up in quantity and creating similar items do not cost a lot.

Due to these reasons, the return on investment in a creative business is lucrative.


     18.     It Pays Well

Unlike the mass-produced industrialized goods. The hand-crafted art enjoys the privilege of not having a set fixed retail price.

Also, the craftsmen get to decide their own retail price. The artists can price their products over and above the price of their raw materials. In fact, it is their individual labor costs that is the major element of their fixed costs. Hence, the final retail price varies for various handmade purchases.

Due to pay-as-you-feel-right pricing. The handmade business pays well.


     19.     It Is Good for the Self Esteem

Made-by-hand items attract eyeballs. The beauty of handcrafted products brings an appreciation for the art.

Association with a handmade product brings in a sense of pride. The creators, buyers, and the ones receiving handmade gifts enjoy pride and gratitude.

The recognition of art in-turn adds to the self-esteem of the creator.


     20.     Not a Location Bound Business

Due to the nature of hand-crafted art. It is possible to create it at any part of this World. The lone exception is when the art is indigenous. In that case, fetching raw materials from a specific location becomes mandatory.

Excluding those few cases. An artist can create his products from anywhere in this World.

If they have invested in their own website. Then, they might also know how to sell handmade products. That will enable them to market their craft online while living a digital nomad life.

If a handmade maker collaborates with Amazon Handmade. Then, they can also benefit from the website’s delivery service.


     21.     Handmade Business Is a Satisfying One

An art/craft lets a maker do what they enjoy while making bucks. That is why many of them chose to create handcrafted items that sell well. Moreover, they set their own schedules for work timings.

Plus, the admiration of happy customers adds to their self-worth.

Thus, both the maker and the buyer enjoy fullness and satisfaction.


     22.     It Fosters Creativity Chain Reaction

Many people transition from appreciating hand created art to creating projects themselves.

I know that because that is how I started crafting hand-crafted products.

The mesmerizing beauty of handcrafted items has been my weakness. With the time that love catapulted into creating handmade bags, jewelry, soaps, and stationery.

Like me, there are many people who got inspired to pursue their hobbies seeing others doing so.

That is the positive effect of creative handmade surroundings. It starts a chain reaction of the maker community.

Those who consume handmade start creating it.


     23.     A Creative Business Opens Avenues for Other Business

The goodness of creativity opens up avenues for up-scaling business. So, from small projects, one could move on to crafting bigger and more complex ones.

For instance, a wood craftsman can start with the small handmade wood decor. From there they can create furniture and kitchen tools. Their gradual efforts in wood crafting skills can then lead to making an entire cabin house too.

Also, many handmade artists can make an alternate source of income through teaching. They can give back what they have learned from others. Thus, art creates a wholesome community built on sharing creativity.


In Conclusion


Reasons to buy Handmade products are plenty. Beautiful, creative and environmentally friendly are the major ones.

When it comes to disadvantages of handmade products. Then, not made in bulk tops the list. The other being each product not being identical to one another.

In case you are fond of cookie-cutter approach that too in mammoth magnitudes. Then, you will never understand why is handmade important.

But if you do, then please share this article with creative people in your tribe.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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