7 Handicrafts from Vietnam That Will Make You Happy

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I have never been to Vietnam. The country is on my bucket list for long. Vietnam handmade products lure me like magic. Moreover, the more I get to know about its war history. The more I tend to appreciate the country’s arts and crafts. 

I cannot fathom the survival of creativity amidst centuries of war and bloodshed. If the Vietnamese could preserve their cultural identity through crafts. Then, other cultures can also make an effort to nurture their arts. 

I am not sure when will I make my travel plans for this beautiful country. But before I do. I wanted to abreast myself with popular Vietnam handmade products. That will make me get better at the art of appreciating them when I get to see them for real. 

If you intend to visit Vietnam souvenirs shop in the near future. Then, you must read further.

7 Vietnam Handmade Products That Will Make You Feel Happy

Vietnam handmade products ~ Header
Vietnam Handmade Products to buy Online


This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

1.     Vietnam War Era Mug

Vietnam handmade products ~ coffee mug
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I am a beach person. That is why I am impressed with the country’s sprawling coastline. 

During the Vietnam war, the US Navy had small hull boats deployed for patrolling its waters. Those boats kept a check on the river and ocean traffic. These small but powerful boats were useful in combating the enemy weapon shipments. 

So, if you or someone you know have an involvement with the US marines. Then, you can relate with this handmade mugs with the silhouette art of PBR. PBR is an acronym for Patrol Boat, Riverine. 

It is an 11-ounce mug that will find a deep resonance with a warfighter. Its black and bold graphic is a hand made drawing. The graphic is then printed on a white ceramic mug.   


2.     Vietnam Map Art

Vietnam handmade products ~ map art
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I am a huge fan of a  country’s topographic map and a city’s skyline. Both of them are representatives of a country’s critical facts. One shows the country’s surfaces and elevations. The other shows how much the country has built on its surface. It is like knowing the progressive story of a place through these 2 exhibits. 

That is why I love it when both of my favorites take up an art form. This is map art of Vietnam that shows the country in vivid colors. 

It is a flat digital art print on paper. The artist ships it without the frame. So, you can use it on a custom frame to complement your decor. This print can turn any wall into a museum display wall with its professional Epson pigment inks. 

Due to the surface treatment method, the colors will last a lifetime. 

The map has a professional appeal to it. Its colors pop up on its 100% cotton acid-free archival paper. 

The handmade artist provides this colorful print in 4 different size options. They ship the smaller ones – (5-inches x 7-inches) and (8-inches x 10-inches) flat in a sturdy cardboard mailer. The larger ones (11-inches x 14-inches) and (13-inches x 19-inches) ship rolled into a mailing tube. 


3.     Vietnam Handmade Products for a Daughter

Vietnam handmade products ~ pendant necklace
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I and my late father had plans to visit Vietnam together. Since he was a pilot with the Indian Air Force. He too connected with the country due to his military background. 

But since he died a sudden death. We both could not fulfill our travel plans together. Though if I had gone with him. Then, for sure I would have got fascinated with this pendant.   

This one is a simple pendant and chain necklace. But the printed image on its pendant makes it a beautiful one of a kind. 

It has a word swag that reads – “Raised by my Hero. Vietnam Vet Daughter.” Isn’t that beautiful? 

I am sure it will make every girl of a veteran happy. 

The necklace chain and the pendant are of alloy. The image on the pendant is a high-resolution one. It is hand-cut and then glued onto the blank pendant. It is further sealed with a high-quality resin to bring vibrancy and sturdiness. 

You can order the pendant of the necklace in 2 sizes. Either in 1-inches diameter or 1.5-inches diameter. 


4.     Wooden Personalized Ka-Bar Marine Knife and Challenge Coin Display

Vietnam handmade products ~ ka-bar knife display
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It is common to find Ka-Bar themed products in Vietnam handicrafts display. 

So, I had to include a gift for mariner here too. 

A marine would appreciate this one for sure. This is a wooden keepsake that would serve as an heirloom for generations to come. 

It measures 13.0-inches in length x 5.50-inches in breadth. 

This thoughtful handmade creation is of solid cherry wood. It can display both your Ka-Bar and Challenge coins. It is ought to signify a feeling of achievement and pride the moment you have a look at it. 

The artist offers customization by engraving your name on it. 

You can order this one to display your medallions and weapon with elan. 


5.     Handmade Comb

Vietnam handmade products ~ bull horn comb
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I do not use a hair comb. But I know that most of the human beings in this world do use it. Even animals use a comb.

Plastic is the common material in combs. That is the reason I stopped using them. But the idea of a handmade comb made from natural ingredients excites me.

I love the ingredient of this comb. It is the buffalo’s horn. Yes, the handmade artist of this comb uses a buffalo’s horn to create this beautiful piece. Do not judge her for her creative choices. She obtains these horns from sustainable sources without harming the animals. I have interacted with her to confirm the same.

Did you ever realize that the horns are of the same substance as human hair? Yes, the keratin protein forms the horns of the bull as well the horns of the rhinos too. That protein is also common to your hair and my hair. So, it makes sense to use one form of keratin to groom yet another form of it.  

Unlike the ones made with plastic, combs from natural materials do not tangle the hair. The hair strands do not get agitated with natural materials as they do with a plastic one. Thus, it is a boon to the hair. In fact, the curly hair will be most grateful for running this comb through them.

Moreover, this bull horn comb is strong, easy to use, and also lasts long. Also, It is easy to clean it with water.

The comb measures 3.9-inches in length and 2.9-inches in breadth. It would work for long hair too.

Since the horn of the animal vary in color. So, you can ask the artist before purchasing whether you would like one in dark or lighter hues.


6.     Handmade Leather Journal 

Vietnam handmade products ~ leather journal
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Visiting Vietnam is an emotional experience for a US veteran family. 

It pains me to know the huge number of soldiers who either died or went missing in the war. 

There is nothing that one can do to lessen the pain of the family who lost their loved ones. But indulging in a few creative outlets may take the mind off the grief. 

For that purpose, this handmade journal can work. 

It is a custom leather-bound notebook. You can use it for writing a daily journal or sketching doodles. 

Though its unique feature is its engraving of California and Vietnam flags. Thus, this notebook is a true representation of valor and strength. 

The diary pages are of high-quality Persian paper. While the designs are of laser engraving. 

You will enjoy this one to scribble your memories and limericks. This journal is also good as a father’s day gift. 


7.     Vietnam Flag Cufflinks

Vietnam handmade products ~ cufflinks
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One of the best ways to own the culture of a country is to carry their flag art memorabilia with you. If you would like to do the same with Vietnam. Then, these handmade cuff links with the country’s flag art are perfect for you.

Since the Vietnam flag is a simple one with a yellow star on a red base. Thus, this pair of cuff links will render elegance to almost any shirt you pair it with.

These simple accessories are of standard size made with stainless steel.

Owning them is a great way to involve Vietnam art and craft in your lifestyle.

In Conclusion

If you are in a mood to buy some unique Vietnam souvenirs online. Then, this is the article that can help.

It lists some of the best handmade products that you would have never thought could exist. These made by hand products share the solidarity of the Vietnam war casualties.

From the local Vietnamese arts and crafts to products that symbolize the heroism of the war. You get to know a lot of creativity that a bunch of creative hands coupled with creative minds could do.

Till the time I go visit Vietnam for real. This article will best serve as the source of Vietnam handmade products to buy online.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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