How to Make Marine Life Lovers Happy With Oceanography Gifts

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oceanography gifts
How to Make Marine Life Lovers Happy With Oceanography Gifts


Our profession has a strong bearing on our personal lives. The work life takes up a major portion of our time. Hence, it is bound to have an impact on the rest of our daily activities. 

Most of us tend to have a perspective on life through the filter of our professions. That is why it should not surprise us to develop a like/ dislike based on our respective professions. 

Some time back I wrote an article on gifts for a biology major. Since then I dug deeper into the subject and came up with a corollary to that article. 

This article curates odd oceanography gifts that will impress a marine biology professional.

7 Attractive Oceanography Gifts for Beautiful Remarkable Results


1.     Mermaid Card Holder Case

oceanography gifts - mermaid card holder
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Girl with a pearl earring is a classic painting. This card holder brings a twist to the major elements of yesteryear Baroque age painting. 

The case has a beautiful image of a mermaid holding a big sized pearl. Such a creative rendition of fantasies related to the ocean will delight a sea loving person. 

The beautiful card case has a utility function as well. It can hold about 15 of standard sized business cards. 

Its dimensions are – 3.7-inches (length) x 2.5-inches (breadth) x 0.3-inches (height). 

The mermaid image captures 3.34-inches (length) x 1.77-inches (breadth). Moreover, the image is not a generic laminated flat sticker. Rather it is handcrafted and sealed by a clear epoxy resin. 

The entire case is sturdy since it is of quality stainless steel. 


Price: USD 13.99


2.     Cotton Blue Shark Bow Tie

oceanography gifts - shark bow tie
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This is one of the best graduation gifts for biology majors. Set in aquamarine blue, this bow tie stands out from the rest. 

Thus, will work as an interesting accessory for weddings and special occasions. 

It is of high-quality designer cotton and is best suited for hand wash. 

The artist of this tie provides a lot of options to modify its style. If you are a true connoisseur of bow ties. Then, the self-tying free style will work best for you. This classic style has a European bow tie ribbon with a T-hook. It fits neck sizes from 13.5-inches to 18.5-inches with ease. 

The other options include child/adult clip on and a pre-tied bow tie with a ¾-inch wide strap. 

Price: USD 15.00


3.     Nautical Bookmark With Sea Charms

oceanography gifts - book charm
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If there could be a tool to identify a sea lover, then this bookmark will cut the deal. 

It has charms from the ocean world that will cheer a true marine life lover. 

The charms include a green sea horse, blue mermaid scales motif, a compass rose, and whale tail. It also has glass and resin beads in aqua sea colors that add to its nautical charm. 

It has a hook at the beginning that marks a page in the book. The hook has an etched look set in a silver tone. Moreover, its mermaid scale motif is in iridescent sea blue color. Thus, the elements give a shining dangling effect on the edge of the book while the bookmark does its job. 

The length of this pewter bookmark is 3.5-inches. It comes in a neat organza drawstring bag. Thus, it works as a good gifting option for a sea loving book lover

Price: USD 12.00


4.     Whale in Pure Copper Nautical Home Decor

oceanography gifts - whale weathervane
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If handmade silhouette art is your style, then this one of a whale fits the bill. This nautical home decor is a one of a kind oceanography gifts. Set in pure copper, this sculpture will elevate an ocean lover’s home decor. 

The intricate details of this handcrafted sculpture will delight an art lover. This beauty set in copper scores high on utility as well. It is a weathervane and thus provides a focal point to figure out the cardinal directions. 

Its dimensions are – 37-inches (length) x 4-inches (width) x 16.5-inches (height). 

The black steel mantel stand’s dimensions are – 24-inches (length) x 4-inches (width). 

The entire silhouette sculpture of the whale weighs 21 pounds. 

Price: USD 218.59


5.     Nautical Woven Knot Wine Bottle Stopper

oceanography gifts - nautical wine bottle stopper
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Someone who has an experience of sails will find this bottle stopper exquisite. As the rope knots are important for a nautical life. So, is this nautical woven knot stopper for your wine bottles. 

The length of the stopper is – 3.75-inches. While the width of the knot ball is 1.5-inches. 

Set inside a cotton rope cord, the stopper is of silicone ring. Thus, it looks good while resisting the contents inside the bottle from flowing out. 

The stoppers are available in 8 colors – blue, green, white, navy, red, brown, tan, and gray. 

These hand tied knots theme bottle stoppers make wonderful oceanography gifts. 

Price: USD 16.00


6.     World Map in Blue With Ocean Terrain Details

oceanography gifts - Nautical World Map
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This pin board World map is a beautiful way to showcase your nautical adventures. 

It is set in blue color and thus is ideal to represent the major water bodies of the World. 

Map’s dimensions with the 2-inch width frame are – 40-inches (length) x 28-inches (width) x 1.5-inches (height). 

It comes with 100 map pins. So, it will serve as an entertaining party game with your fellow sailor friends. 

The artist prints each individual map on a high-quality photo satin paper. The map is then heat mounted and impressed onto a Gatorboard. 

Gatorboard is sturdy and works great for pinning (not to be confused with Pinterest). 

The variations included are –

  • Frame choices – Black/ White Modern Frame, Barnwood Grey Roughwood
  • Custom Titles – The World, Wanderlust, or any custom phrase of your choice 

If you are seeking a gift for a retiring sailor. Then this Ocean Terrain map serves as one of the best oceanography gifts.


Price: USD 225.00


7.     Octopus Nautical Pill Box

oceanography gifts - nautical pill box
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What if you could get the World around you customized as per your preferences. 

Well, if you are a fan of all things nautical, then this pill box will fulfill your choices. 

How great it will be to brand your medicines with this pill box that has an Octopus motif. It will emphasize your love for the ocean and creatures related to the ocean. 

This pill case has a steampunk theme and measures 2-inches in diameter. Dividers inside it make demarcated space for 3 different types of medicines. 

This silver metal case has a secure hinge closure to keep your drugs protected. While the cover image of the mollusk is hand sealed with an epoxy dome. 

Price: USD 9.00


In Conclusion: 

Gifting is an art. Personalized gifting elevates the joy of gifting and receiving to another high. 

A thought about the person whom you gift helps in creating customized experiences. 

An easy hack to gift a personalized gift is to consider the respective person’s profession. That gives a lot of room to come up with ideas for gifts. 

This article has content for gifts for marine life lovers. It is difficult to source specific oceanography gifts for them. Henceforth, this article will make the task of gifting an oceanography enthusiast easier. 

The ones mentioned in this article will make unique gifts for marine biologists. Those gifts deliver an emotion and thus have a high recall value. 


Image Source : Pixabay

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