Wonderful Jewelry Made from Fabric for Alert Famous Results

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handmade fabric jewelry for alert famous results

Wonderful Handmade Fabric Jewelry for Alert Famous Results


I heart handmade jewelry. I have a huge collection of it. 

Ones made my terracotta, wood, paper, crochet, and even seeds fascinate me. I built my collection over time by purchasing stuff from the places I travel. 

From beaded jewelry of Chiang Mai. To crocheted ones from Switzerland. My collection of handmade jewelry keeps getting bigger and more beautiful with time. 

To that, I also add the ones that I craft myself. 

My creations belong to a wide range. The base materials include recycled bottles, paper mache, crochet, clay, and fabric. 

My interest in alternate jewelry developed because of my hyper-sensitive skin. At times, metals and wire break my skin into a rash. So, I shifted to jewelry made from milder elements to fulfill my penchant for accessories.   


Jewelry made from materials like fabric and threads looks beautiful and vibrant. Furthermore, it is lightweight and costs less than the one of precious metals and stones. 

If you are also like me, then you will find these picks of handmade fabric jewelry useful. 

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

7 Wonderful Handmade Fabric Jewelry for Alert Famous Results


1.     Kitten Fabric Button Earrings

handmade fabric jewelry - button earrings
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If you follow my posts, then you would know that this list had to start with a cat. 

So, I have these cute kitten fabric button earrings for you. The pair is unique. Not only for the kitten faces, but also for their color difference. 

One is in orange and the other is in off-white. How cute it is to wear an orange tabby on one ear, and a fluffy white kitty on another. 

Though, you only get a cute kitty’s face on the earrings. The plumy body parts are a figment of my imagination. 

Now coming to the facts about these cute earrings. 

Each one of the pair measures about 5-inches in diameter. The fabric used is 100% cotton. The fabric is hand stretched over the aluminium dome. The posts at the rear are of titanium. They got neither nickel, not cadmium. Thus, are hypoallergenic. 

Furthermore, this handmade fabric jewelry is not water resistant. So, will require some caution before you wear it at certain outdoor locations. 


2.     Organic Fabric Keychain Wristlet

handmade fabric jewelry - wristlet
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Keychain wristlets are high on utility. They prevent you from forgetting your keys and also serve as a chic jewelry piece. 

This handmade fabric keychain wristlet serves both these purposes well. It is of 100% organic cotton fabric in a vibrant print. 

It has “Friends are the flowers in the garden of life” sewn on to it. 

The dimensions of this key fob wrist strap are – 6.25-inches (length) and 1-inch (width). 

The D-ring is sewn to it is strong. Thus, you need not worry about losing your keys while wearing it on your wrist. 

This handmade fabric jewelry is a must for the people who multitask. 


3.     Long Fabric Necklace

handmade fabric jewelry - long necklace
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It is hard to not like this beautiful fabric necklace

On a serious note, it is too pretty to not get any attention. So, for sure, it will bring in eyeballs to the one who adorns it. 

I love the array of vivid and colorful fall leaves of this necklace. The leaves are in yellow and red. While the base ribbons are in bright yellow and green. It also has a few beads and filoselle embroidery hanging off the necklace. 

Fabric ribbons hold the individual pieces of this jewelry. Thus, this handmade fabric jewelry remains lightweight and hypoallergenic. 

It is 34-inches long and has a fabric ribbon bow as a clasp. 


4.     African Fabric Bracelet

handmade fabric jewelry - African Kwanzaa gift bracelet
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From a fabric necklace, let us move on to a fabric bracelet. This vibrant set of 3 fabric bracelets will delight you. 

They are in a jazzy blue color that is akin to African culture. This gives a subtle hint of the region’s rich and peculiar heritage. 

The print of the fabric is versatile enough to render a chic appeal to any casual wardrobe. 

All three bracelets have a standard opening diameter of 2 ¾-inches. While the individual widths of each are 1.5-inch, 1-inch, and ⅝-inch. 

The base of the bracelets is wooden, which is then fabric covered. A gentle hand wash will take care of minor stains on the bracelet. 


5.     Fabric Flower Hair Accessories

handmade fabric jewelry - hair pins
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These hairpins with decorative fabric flowers will transform your look. The elegant set of 4 pins is good for a regular ensemble. But will also go well with an elaborate occasion. 

You can use them to secure your unruly hair strands in one place. Or you can also accentuate your bangs with these decorative bobby pins. 

The set contains 4 of them in a range of colorful fabric flowers. The colors vary from shades of purple to gray. While the sizes of the bobby pins are standard 1-inch and are silver in color. 

Each flower is about 1-inch in size. There are silver color beads on top of the flowers. The pins are sturdy, with the flowers secured tight on them. Thus, you can use them on a regular basis. 

The handmade artist of these pins ships her orders wrapped in a tissue paper and ribbon. Hence, the pins will work as a nice gift as well. 


6.     Yellow Fabric Bead Dangling Earrings

handmade fabric jewelry - dangling earrings
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These bright yellow earrings will bring cheer to everyone. They are a pair of dangling earrings made of beads wrapped in satin fabric.

The diameter of the bead is 1-inch. While the entire earring is 2.6-inches long. They are lightweight and have a unique artistic boho-chic appeal. 

The adjoining hooks are of nickel-free metal. Hence, will not create allergy issues while wearing. 

You can pair them up with bright dresses. Though, they will enliven any simple attire as well. 

If you are in need of some attention. Then, this pair of handmade fabric jewelry is one of the best options for you.


7.     Fabric Bracelet Watch

handmade fabric jewelry ~ bracelet watch for travelers
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This gray wrap watch is a beautiful gift for travelers. The world map on its base gives it an elegant look.

Its strap is in silk grey. Thus, it sets a universal match for most of the colors of your wardrobe.
The appeal of this jewelry watch makes it perfect for gifting as well. Mothers’ day, Christmas, Valentine’s, and Anniversary occasions go well for this watch.
The watch dial is round and analog with Quartz movement. Its diameter is 1.18-inch, with thickness 0.19-inch.
The strap is a silk bracelet in a light grey tone. Its length is about 17-inches and width is about 2-inches.
Also, rows of Rhinestones on either side of the strap add to the watch’s graceful appeal.
Its closure has an adaptable node. Therefore, it is suitable for every wrist size.


In Conclusion

If you got an eye for bohemian style, then you will love fabric jewelry. It looks beautiful. Plus, it ups your style quotient in a jiffy.

Another reason to wear handmade fabric jewelry is to minimize instances of allergies. Due to the absence of metals in jewelry made from fabric. There is a less iota of developing a nasty and irritating rash.

Fabric jewelry blends with your clothes, unlike the metal ones.

That is why handmade fabric jewelry can accentuate your look to a great deal.  Moreover, it is unique and not worn by everyone. It has the power to redirect the attention towards it. Hence, you can get away by wearing your plain clothes and still end up grabbing the center of attention.  


Image Source: Pixabay

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